Seeds of Hope: Facilitating Life-Affirming Recovery Conversations in Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Seeds of Hope

Posted By Rev Dr Christopher Noble on 01/05/2020


A qualitative ethnographic study of recovery group conversations in primary stage treatment of substance misuse and addiction at Bridge House NHS Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Centre. This research examined the content of recovery conversations during thirty-seven chaplaincy group meetings held between 15th April 2019 and 11th March 2020. A taxonomy of the discourse categories from these sessions endorsed the emergence of a tripartite conceptual framework in the evolution of life-affirming conversations during early stage recovery and rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction.

Key Terms - Alcohol, drugs, substance misuse, addiction, detoxification, NHS, chaplaincy, recovery, mental health, conversations, framework, practical theology.

Research Question - How to facilitate recovery conversations in chaplaincy group sessions during early stage recovery from substance misuse and addiction?

Research Purpose - To create and develop a prototype framework for facilitating chaplaincy group conversations in detoxification and early stage recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.



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