Forward in Faith

Posted By Rev Dr Christopher Noble on 29/03/2020

A warning from Paul about not going back to Old Testament religion and the need to be moving forward in faith rather than retreating to the safe and familiar patterns of self-reliance and self-righteousness.

Topic: Forward in Faith

Bible Reference: Galatians 5.1-12

Date: 29/03/2020

You can download the file forward-in-faith.m4a below



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  Tealady on 29/03/2020

Thank you Chris - it’s all very interesting, I am seeing St Paul in a completely new light - very uplifting

  rOY on 29/03/2020

Thankyou Chris for a very uplifting sermon today.
I found it very help at this difficult time.


  Andy on 29/03/2020

Hi Chris, awesome sermon, we are certainly being told not to fall back to our old ways, most scriptures I'm reading at the moment are saying that, don't trust in your own works (by man made laws) but by God's grace through Jesus.

  Churchwarden Colin on 29/03/2020

Thanks Chris, another inspiring talk, one which kept my attention from start to finish, lots to digest over the next week.
One great thing about this web site is being able to go back and select parts of your talk to hear again. Colin