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I am currently engaged in an ethnographic research project that is exploring the dynamics of recovery conversations within the context of chaplaincy groups in an alcohol and drug detoxification treatment centre. The purpose of the research is to create and develop a prototype framework for facilitating chaplaincy group conversations in detoxification and early stage recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. See abstract below.

My previous research has been in the field of contemporary ecclesiology particularly as it relates to evangelicalism and evangelical identity. My postgraduate and doctoral research sits within the academic research categories of ethnographic ecclesiology and practical theology.


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Seeds of Hope: Facilitating Life-Affirming Recovery Conversations in Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Posted by: Rev Dr Christopher Noble on 01/05/2020

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A postdoctoral qualitative ethnographic research study of recovery group conversations in the context of medical detoxification treatment for substance misuse at Bridge House NHS Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Centre, Maidstone.

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Preaching Shaped Church

Posted by: Rev Dr Christopher Noble on 14/04/2020

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Conservative Church Growth in The Context of The Secularization Debate.

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Article of Faith? An Empirical Study of the Tract Journey Into Life

Posted by: Rev Dr Christopher Noble on 21/02/2020

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Article of Faith? An empirical Study of the Tract Journey Into Life in the development of British Evangelical Identity between 1963 and 1989. 


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