Jesus the King

Posted By Rev Dr Christopher Noble on 05/04/2020

This sermon explains the way that Jesus is the Messiah, the saviour. It explains how Jesus true identity as the Son of God is both hidden and manifest. It shows how Jesus was fully aware of the way that he was fulfilling Messianic prophecy about him as he rides into Jerusalem. By embracing the pathway of suffering and rejection he fulfils God's purpose, culminating in the total once and for all victory over satan as God in his human nature dies on the cross.

Topic: Jesus the King

Bible Reference: Matthew 21.1-11

Date: 05/04/2020

You can download the file jesus-the-king.m4a below



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  Tealady on 05/04/2020

Great message Chris - thank you.

  Churchwarden Colin on 05/04/2020

Just what I needed, and injection of hope in these difficult times.